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About MAG 

maglogogreyAbout MAG Overview

The Motorcycle Action Group, (MAG), is a voluntary organisation, drawing membership from across the whole spectrum of motorcycling.

Whatever you ride MAG has something for you!

MAG was born out of protest against legislation, introduced in 1973, making it compulsory to wear a crash helmet.

Since then MAG has evolved from a single issue group to a highly respected political lobbying and campaigns group which is central to all aspects of policy and legislation affecting motorcycling.

MAG operates at the European, National, Regional and Local levels. MAG can, and does make a difference.

We are respected for our responsible contributions which are informed, objective and which enrich the political debate.

Throughout this evolution MAG has remained faithful to its core principles of freedom of choice and self - determination.

Motorcycling is about freedom of expression.

Above all it is about camaraderie and friendship.

In a world of increasing regulation and conformity motorcycling represents one of the last bastions of individuality and diversity.

This freedom of expression and individuality is not a 'given'; it has to be protected and fought for.

This is why every part of MAG must be focussed on promoting motorcycling and to represent, protect and defend the interests of riders.

To put it simply;

The Motorcycle Action Group's mission is to;

Defend and Fight for Riders' Rights

MAG Funding

The Road - MAG Members MagazineMAG is highly motivated, lean, efficient, economic and very effective.

MAG is a non - profit making organisation and all income is reinvested into campaigning and lobbying in pursuit of the MAG Mission.

MAG is managed by a MAG UK Ltd (the Company) by the Board of elected Directors, overseen by the National Committee (NC) to ensure that the Board acts in the best interests of the members it represents.

The National Committee is made up of elected representatives from the regions across the UK.

Though the National Officers and Co-optees may form part of the NC for discussion and input, only elected representatives/liaisons from the Region are allowed to vote on MAG Policy.

MAG membership stands at 50,000, made up from individual, corporate and club subscriptions.

Funding is raised from membership subscriptions, proceeds from MAG events and advertising in 'The Road' magazine and donations.

Members enjoy financial benefits in the form of discounts through partnerships with commercial organisation such as insurance providers, vehicle Recovery Company's and credit card business.

All income is channelled to the support of the MAG Mission.

MAG accounts are closely scrutinised by the Board and National Committee and are subject to annual external audit.

MAG Democracy

MAG Members - Join UsMAG is a truly democratic organisation with a well- established constitution which enshrines the rights and responsibilities of the individual.

The constitution provides the means and guidance by which every individual member can influence policy and direction.

MAG's representational democracy works through the network of local MAG groups.

The local groups are arranged into regions and each region has its own Regional Representative.

Within each region there can be any number of local groups from one or two up to a dozen or more depending on the density and distribution of population in the region. The members of each local group elect their own Local Representative ('Local Rep'). All members in each region are likewise entitled to elect their 'Regional Rep'.

These Regional Reps comprise the voting members of MAG's National Committee (NC).

This structure is an important safeguard. The Regional Reps are the only NC members to have votes on the committee. Having separate regions of members each electing their own Regional Reps provides MAG with stability. In MAG only the members appoint the decision-makers.

Running parallel with the representational structure, MAG's 'direct democracy' mechanism enables every member to have an equal say in the election of national officers (such as National Chairman).

All individual members are entitled to attend the Annual Group Conference (AGC), to put themselves forward for elected positions and to vote in elections and policy debates. Not all MAG members choose to be active in local groups but that is no bar to them participating at a national level at the AGC.

MAG's national officers are all very accessible. Members are encouraged to communicate via their local or regional reps to spread the workload, but there is no bar on any member directly contacting the National Chairman or other officers on matters of importance.

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