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FEMA - Aims       

FEMA's aim is to promote the interests of road riding motorcyclists by cultivating relationships with those in power, and assisting them in the framing of acceptable road transport legislation.

Through the FEMA Secretariat in Brussels, the lobbying efforts of the national organisations are co-ordinated, and a coherent motorcyclists' voice is presented to the European Parliament and Commission.

FEMA is able to keep track of developments, and issues specific guidance on actions to be taken to the national organisations.

Whilst motorcycle industry and sporting interests are represented in Europe, FEMA believes it is essential that the specific interests of the road riding motorcyclists are properly catered for.

FEMA maintains a strict policy of political neutrality.

FEMA Spring Meeting Edinburgh 2008


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On the 7th June 2008 FEMA national organisations confirmed their commitment to the representation of Riders’ interests throughout Europe by signing the FEMA Charter at the FEMA Spring Meeting in Edinburgh - Scotland.

A Riders’ Charter was signed for the first time in January 1998 when the then two existing European motorcyclists’ federations, FEM (Federation of European Motorcyclists) and EMA (European Motorcyclist Association) decided to merge and create FEMA.

FEMA Riders’ Charter

As members of the Federation of European Motorcyclists’ Associations (FEMA), we share the vision of a world where motorcycling is:

  • fairly considered as a practical means of transport, addressing economic, environmental and social issues
  • promoted as a positive travel alternative and
  • equally protected by fair treatment and relevant measures taking into account the specific nature of all kinds of motorcycles and their riders.

We pledge to

  • promote and preserve all riders’ interests,
  • protect riders from negative discrimination and exploitation,
  • promote the advantages of motorcycling,
  • promote safe and responsible road use and
  • preserve the spirit of motorcycling throughout Europe and globally.

The undersigned national organisations hereby confirm their commitment to actively co-operate within FEMA, the representative of the European rider community.

Edinburgh, 7th June 2008

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