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Join Us - Membership Details

Why join MAG and MAG Sport

MAG Sport was formed to diversify MAG's recruitment drive and target sports bike/race rep riders other non-committed leisure orientated members of the biking community and to persuade you to join MAG.

Giving members interested in racing a focus point other than traditional MAG events, discount at dealers, track days.

Promoting young racers and the minority aspects of motorcycle sport.

Each new rider that becomes a member of MAG helps our campaigning and political lobbying at Local, National and European level to keep bikes and scooters on the road free from discriminatory legislation.

You can join or renew by credit/debit card MAG Central Office

Call FREE to join MAG 0800 988 3190 during office hours.


 Join or Renew Membership Online HERE

Apologies but at present there appears to be a problem with the online joining link

Please contact the MAG Office to join or use the forms linked below

 Paper Membership Form (word format)

Standing Order (pdf format)

Read about MAG Here

MAG affiliate motorcycle club members upgrading to full membership will receive a 5 discount for the first year. Ring the MAG Office for details.

Details of motorcycle club affiliation Here

(5 discount on first year of MAG individual membership if aged between 16 years to 25 years
D.O.B. required)

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