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Riders Rights

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MAG UK Home page

FEMA European Riders Rights

MAG Ireland

Listing of Riders Rights Around the World

Trail Riders Fellowship




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 National Association for Bikers with a Disability




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No To Bike Parking Fees



MAG Sport Racers Sites

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Alex Gault

MPS Husqvarna

Moto KL

Ben Gautrey



Racing Legends

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Joey Dunlop Foundation

Mike Hailwood "Mike the Bike"

Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum

Search Wikipedia the Free Encyclopedia



Racing in Ireland

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Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre)

Motor Cycling Ireland

Real Road

Mini Moto Racing

NW 200

Marshals Association M.C.U.I. (U.C.)

Enkalon Club

The Ulster Grand Prix



Isle of Man

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TT Races

Southern 100 Road Races

Manx Grand Prix

Road Race Capital of the Web

Andreas Racing Association

TT Riders Association

TT Supporters Club

Bushys "Ale of Man"



Race Series & Organising Bodies

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Grand Prix

World Superbikes

British Superbikes

Formula Sidecar Racing Association

KRC UK Endurance Racing Series

World Endurance Championship

MiniMoto Racing Association (MMRA) of GB

MCRCB Events Ltd


Aprilia Superteens Challenge

FIM World Enduro Championship

Macau Grand Prix



Race Clubs - Tracks

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Mallory Park - The Friendly Circuit

Aintree Motorcycle Racing Motor Cycle Club

Auto 66 Club Racing at Scarborough

Ulster Grand Prix Supporters Club


NG Road Racing

New Era Race Motorcycle Club

Enkalon Club

Fenland Grass Track Club



Race Teams

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Team Suzuki

Honda Racing


Phase One UK Endurance Team

Rob Mac Racing

UK’s Fastest Ladies

Yamaha Racing



Off Road”

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Paris Dakar

Fenland Grass Track Club

Grasstrack Racing

FIM World Enduro Championship



Straight Lines

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Run What You Brung Motorcycle Drag Racing




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Minimoto and Pocket Bike Specialists

MiniMoto Racing Association (MMRA) of GB





Testing Times

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Now’s The Time

Motorcycle Rider Training Association (MRTA)


DSA website on the New 2008 Test




California Superbike School

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California Superbike School



Track Days

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Donington Park

The ULTIMATE Track Day web site



Motorcycle Charities

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MAG Foundation

Joey Dunlop Foundation


Motorcycle Outreach (MoR)

Andy Taft Charitable Trust



Magazines & Info On Line

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Real Road

International Bike Sport News

The Road


100% Biker

Bikerzine (Warning must be over 18 to enter)

Motorbike UK Web Directory and Search Engine

London Bikers


Motorcycle Racing News

International Motorcycle Racing Information

GP Week

Riders Digest



Photographic Sites

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Fotobikes - Bike Race Imaging


Biking Photos

Pictures - Screensavers from Motorcycle Sport

Surreal Illusions Photography

Picture Box




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Take Longer to Look for Bikes (3mb) - Think!


Perfect Day Video (18.5mb) - Think!


Now You See Him Now You Don’t (3mb) - Think!


Think Once Think Twice Think Bike" 1975 - BBC


'Oblivious Guy' - You Tube


What Do We Have To Do To Get Noticed?

A Day Out In Devon (2.4mb)


The Secret Life Of Bikers - You Tube




Road Safety and all that!

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Sorry Mate I Didn’t See You


The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM)

Diesel Spills Kill

Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents

Handle It Or Lose It

LARSOA - Resources - Motorcycling

'A Street, A Track, An Open Road'

SHARP The Helmet Safety Scheme



Sites of Interest

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Covering the Spectrum of Motorcycling UK

News and Information

Survival Skills Home Page

Hurley Pugh

Motorcyclists all round Site

Bike Source

Ronnie Crammer

Copdock Classic Motorcycle Club for Charity

For those who were individuals in life

The Faster Pastor




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