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MAG Energy 2008 - MAG Sport Juniors         

MAG Sport J's was formed to address the safety issues of youngsters riding mini motos illegally, without proper safety equipment and proper safety training.

MAG Sport Juniors is joined by MAG Energy the youth side of the Motorcycle Action Group.

Both groupings race in the MOTO - KL Project and MAG Energy is featured in MAG’s members magazine The Road

MAG Energy was set up to attract the younger rider to join MAG.

The main aim is to give the younger person a voice in The Road, to communicate with other young riders in MAG and to give an insight into the fact that for MAG and motorcycling, young people (you) are the future.

One of the attractions is a reduction in membership of the Motorcycle Action Group, a discount is available of a 5 discount on first year of MAG individual membership if aged between 16 years to 25 years - D.O.B. required

MAG Energy want to hear from everyone under 25 - what we know and what we have to say, and what is happening in our personal biking world.

Got any bike issues? ………….

Do you want to be featured in this space?

Send in a write up on you and your bike and where you ride it to

Read the MAG Energy articles as featured in the MAG members magazine The Road below.

Featured article this issue is some of the “Seriously Youthful” in MAG Energy.

Article Here or click Here for pdf

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All the articles are in pdf format - use the link below to get Adobe Reader

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