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Article from MAG Energy feature The Road September - October 2008 - Preview of The Road

Shannon Desborough, 15 is studying engineering at High SchoolFollowing the last issue feature on bike racer young Michael Ford, we have discovered that his place of work is a five star establishment in the eyes of MAG Energy.

Not only does it employ Michael and support him in his racing, but it currently has another two young’ens there as well.

Those living locally to Downham Market will remember the closing of Denver Motorcycles – which had been serving motorcyclists for more years than I have been alive. Shaun Loveday, who had worked at DM since leaving school, then moved on to form a motorbike side to a car repair garage at Russ Williams Repairs.

Shaun (who insists he is 25, but we know better) is so busy that Dan Williams has been taken on to assist him.

Dan Williams (no relation to Russ) is 25, and has found his patience has finally paid off, having wanted to work alongside Shaun for many years - he has now achieved that goal.

Like Michael, who is now featured on MAG Sport, visit to follow his season, Dan Williams has a passion for bike racing.

In 2007 he did a season in the Rookie 600’s on his CBR 600RR, which was a track bike he converted into a race bike.

In 2008 he planned to race in the Dyna-Pro Supersport 600s, and raced at the British Superbike round at Brands Hatch.

Unfortunately his engine blew up during that round, and he is now in the process of fitting another to the bike.

Also like Michael, Dan was influenced by his father who rides bikes, and developed his skills by many a long hour spent tinkering in the garage.

Come July, Shaun was overwhelmed with applications from Year 10 pupils at the local High School wanting to do the work experience factor of their coursework in a motorcycle garage.

The successful candidate this year was - a young lady!

Shannon Desborough, who is 15, and studying engineering at the High School, is the first ever girlie to be taken on by Shaun.

By coincidence MAG Energy knows Shannon as she took part in the 2007 season of Moto KL (, and rate her as an excellent mini moto rider. Sadly she is too busy this year to participate.

Shannon is the first girlie that MAG Energy has discovered who aspires to have a career in motorcycle mechanics (if anyone out there 25 years old or under knows different – then get in touch at:

Coming from a biking family – both mum and dad ride, Shannon tells me she has been interested in motorcycles for as long as she can remember.

So how is the first female to tread the workshop floor getting on?

Shaun told us ‘she is the best student he has had’ – and believe me Shaun does not hand out praise easily! He added, ‘in comparison to the lads, Shannon is very mature, listens and learns’. Shannon has certainly given it her all, blistered hands have not even put her off, and she has applied to gain more experience training on Saturdays.

Well Russ Williams Repairs certainly deserve their MAG Energy 5 star rating for supporting youngsters.

The staff have asked that we wish Russ a full and speedy recovery – and send this message to him – ‘the garage is too quiet without you shouting!’


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