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 MAG Sport welcomes Alex Gault our new team member who races mini-moto's a Champion and rising star.

Alex is an eleven-year-old lad from Carluke in central Scotland, who has only been racing minimotos since September 2000.  After just a few month's experience he became the Scottish Junior Winter Champion and was appointed factory rider for ZPF minibikes. In 2001, his first full season,  Alex has pocketed the prestigious Scottish Junior Minimoto Championship, the North of England Championship.

Alex first saw minimoto's in August 2000 and until then he had never been on a motor bike!!!

He won his first championship in the Scottish Winter Championships 2001 in the Junior class, then competed in almost all the races his father, Alex Senior could take him too this year, In the South Eastern Championship he contended three of the eiight rounds winning all Three!

In the Eastern Counties he contended three of the eight rounds which lead to results of two first places and one third place.

In the North of England Championships he contended six of the seven rounds to win the North of England Championship.

Alex also won the 2001 Endurance Race with his partner Alex Heaton in team ZPF.
In the Scottish Championships he contended all the eight rounds to win with 145 points from second place man Robbie Stewart on 126 points.

In the British championships he finished third equal on points but as Ciaran had won more races he was demoted to 4th. He also has been racing in the production class were he was given a special dispensation by the MMRA as competitors usually need to be twelve years old.

He was really only playing in this class but he did have a few second and third place finishes through out the year in the British rounds and a few first place wins at club level.

All Alex's mentors agree: he has a very promising future in pocket bike racing - and beyond in 125's - then the sky's the limit for this Scottish youngster.
At MAG Sport we would also suggest that this young and talented rider is going places in the future, especially if he can stomp mini-motos at the top level within two years, and was featured on Channel four's Big Breakfast with a four minute slot. How many other racers, no matter what age can lay claim to that!!  Some parents are fully behind their childrens talents, and for that TV coverage you can blaim Alex Senior. (Sorry Dad, Ed)

We're very proud to be able to keep you up to date with Alex's progress during next season, look out for him.

There's always a down side of course, and in Alex's case it's a lack of funding and sponsors. Apart from Team ZPF the only major funding has come from Alex's Dad, top man and all round empty wallet. Can you help? No matter how small it all counts.

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