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ACU National Pocket bike championship round 2

Alex prepares to move to the frontWith the track at Mallory Park not going ahead this year. The second round of the championship was staged at the ELK Karting Track at Newark. This was a blessing in disguise, what a track! This is the kind of track minimoto's should be raced on, the five hundred meter track proving very testing for almost all the competitors.

However what promised to be a fantastic meeting was dampened, by the absence of the grc team. Most of them use this track for practice, and Alex was keen to see how he would have faired against Chris Jones on his home track. However what transpired was some of the most exiting racing this year.

 This was also the first time Alex was to compete in the production class of this championship. A change in rules lets the 11yr olds with past experience of this class compete, but they must carry ballast, so as not to get an advantage from their weight.

With the practice over, Alex bike had been set up; Alex had familiarized him self with another new track and it was down to business.

Alex watches from the backThe first of the junior "B" race was the 3rd into the days programme, and with the lack of Junior A's both groups were ran together. It was good to see young Luke Mossey back on the grid after his accident at Donington. Proving it is not only Alex that mends fast. What a race, here is where this two long race format comes into its own, these kids may only be from 8 to 12 yrs old but as I have said before, their maturity always amazes me. You see them settle into their rhythm, looking for their opponents

Weaknesses, watching to see their opportunity's, making their moves, then changing pace to consolidate their position, Fantastic, great racing and a great spectacle. At the end in junior "A" it was the Mossey twins on their Pasini's 1-2 with the fast improving Richard Crawshaw on his Stamas in 3rd, and the ZPF pairing of Gault and Heaton in Junior "B" with that man Aaron Easter in third on his Pasini.

The 8th race of the day saw Alex take to the track on his ZPF production bike in the Production "A" class. Under very close observation from the ACU officials, watching to see if they had made the right decision, letting the youngster race. Starting from the back of the grid by lap 4 he was challenging for the lead, Jay Glin on the team Pasini managing to keep him at bay. After 5 more laps a slight mistake by Jay gave Alex the lead, not for long however as Jay reclaimed it on the next circuit, the two diced for the remainder of the 20 laps on the second last Alex took the lead and managed to hold on to it but only just the two crossed the finish line, together Alex just slightly in the lead, his first victory in this his first race of this class in this championship. Behind this I did manage to see some very good racing between Anthony Kelly, Karl Taylor, Dan "the Man" Linfoot, but taking 3rd place honours went to Jack "The Lad" Cooper.

Race 12 of the day and back to the junior racing, a bad start from Alex saw him at the back for most of the first lap but with this long race format there was not the urgent need to get to the front and this shown through in the way he took his time making his way to the front once more. With a repeat performance of race one it was Alex G, Alex H & "AZMAN" Easter.

Future race champs line upRace 17, second last race of the day and the last of the day for Alex. Taking to the grid on the Production ZPF and was this going to be a repeat of the first race, the Paddock full of spectators, obviously the first race had produced a lot of interest and no one wanted to miss the second round of this fight, and once again after the first three laps it was Alex and Jay. Jay with the upper hand and Alex pushing hard behind. On the 7th lap an adventuress move from Alex didn't pay of and saw him slid into the gravel trap. Once again the long race format came to his rescue, this gave him the time to make it back up to second place before Mr Martin could drop the flag, to end one of the best days racing for a long time.

What can I say, Fantastic weather, Fantastic track & Fantastic racing what could be better?

Oh yes! And did I mention, that this moves Alex into the lead of the first ACU championship in this country.

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