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Eastern Counties Championships

Now the track at Blyton could never be described as the best, but the kids love it, basically it is two tight hairpins with jiggily bits in the straits, but what hard and entertaining racing it provided,

The juniors, and it was going to be the junior "C's" (this is the class for the learner riders) that provided some entertaining racing. Now I don't know where they all come from but this grid was huge, and again I don't know how racing attracts twins, we have the Lowes in the JRA, The Mossey's in Minimoto, and now the Wiggleys, Kurt & Matt, six year olds who join the ranks, show the same promise. The only man who could upset the apple cart was No 14 Daniel Billan on the yellow Pasini, who with some great riding managed to spilt the two, in the final results.


In Junior "A" it was as expected, the Mossey's were untouchable all day and young Callum Cook having some great tussles just behind.

Junior "B" and this is where the upsets were found, Favourite and leader for this championship is Arron Easter, with the only man able to catch him being No 12 Gareth Williams, This Chorley based rider, has been improving all year. With the very hard riding, the quality of the field, and I must say the determination of all the riders, none of these two made it to the podium, instead it was Alex G, a very good ride from Sean Moore taking the second spot on the podium (for what I think is his first trophy in this championship) and third place going to "BRUISER" Heaton, Alex H's crash in race 2, must go down as one of the best this year.


In the senior "A" practice it was obvious this was going to be the class field, none of the riders could be described as slow, this was the races every one was waiting for, and they were not disappointed when at last they took to the track, at the front it was Jamie and Alex, they could not have been any closer, a small gap and it was a the pack of Heaton, Easter, Linfoot, then another pack behind, this was scary, the speed these youngsters were hitting this hairpin, many times the back wheels were in the air as they left their braking to the last, this pic shows Heaton recovering from one such event.

Although another explanation would be; when the boys are playing together some of the dads describe them as Chimpanzees. Does he not, look like an angry chimp jumping up and down because he's in 3rd? I rest my Case!

 With all that happened it is hard to recall all the events, suffice to say it was one of the best series of races we have all seen for a while. Well-done lads top entertainment.

 So at the end off a great day our thanks go out to every one especially Andy Easter, Azmans Dad, for not losing it, when both ZPF boys seemed to be using "Azman" as a third brake.

Junior "B"

1st Alex Gault ZPF

2nd Sean Moore DM

3rd Alex Heaton ZPF

Senior "A"

1st Jamie Mossey Pasini

2nd Alex Gault ZPF

3rd Alex Heaton ZPF.

The Junior winners line up for the photo take!



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