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MMRA British Championships Round 2

Alex relaxes in the middle of the mayhemWell here is a report I didn't want to write. Nothing to do with Alex, he was on it, from the start. Qualifying 2nd in juniors and 3rd in production. But as the story unfolds you will see why, Dad was doing his best Homer Simpson impersonation.

 Warden law, Karting North East's Track just south of Newcastle Played host to the second round of this MMRA British Championship. With Saturdays Practice and Timed qualifying staged in perfect weather it was clear that it was going to be the GRC's of Chris Jones and Scott Redding in the junior class, and what is turning out to be an untouchable Ross "TANK" Willshire in the production class with Chris Jones and after his great showing at Bayford Meadows, Netting him his first class win and first British trophy Alex Heaton on the other ZPF.

 Sunday dawned and with the overnight rain the paddock awoke to a wet track. With the threat of more rain, the stories from the locals of how slippery this track gets when wet were rife, This unfortunately was true and showed up in the First junior race of the day.

The youngsters took to the track around 12 o'clock with every one watching the sky. One lap in to the race and it started to rain every one was amazed how fast this track turned in to an ice rink, the surface did not even look wet, but the bikes were Sliding all over the place and at every corner, It was turning into a lottery when the race was red flagged it was Scott, Chris & Alex in third.

In the re-run he was again sitting in third when on the last lap he ran out of petrol. Despite pushing the bike back to the start line to cross and at least finish the race he was not allowed to by the officials. Saying that he had cut the track and was given a DNF and no points. Despite my appeal the decision stood. If I was doing a Homer Simpson Impression when I saw the bike run out of petrol. Now I had translated DHOOOOP! In to Scottish!

 Alex won the next race and came third in the remaining two, But the DNF pushed him down to 4th I think! with the honours once more going to Scott Redding, Chris Jones on their GRC's & Alex Heaton ZPF.

In production it is going to be the "TANK" Show this talented rider leaves the others in his wake. A DNF for Chris Jones in race 1, Hurt the youngster in the final positions. Alex Heaton, also having a DNF in race 3 affecting the out come for another rider with aspirations in this very competitive class. However Alex Gault with his 2 seconds and 2 thirds was good enough for second on the day behind Ross. With the third step on the podium going to Adam Teasdale, With Adam having won the first round of the ACU championship in this class, He must be another name to look out for in the final placing at the end of the year.

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