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MMRA British Championships Round 3

Cumbria Karting's Rowrah circuit was the setting for round 3 of the British championships, unfortunately the rain dampened the high expectations of the racers with torrential rain on the Sunday as far as I know causing the round to be cancelled although I am not sure as the Gault family was one of the first to leave "drenched".

So I can not give you any details of race results or championship positions as it is my understanding that a British championship meeting, has to be over to count as points and as the meeting was cancelled, only two races into the meeting, we will have to wait for the outcome to be published.

However some highlights of the weekend included,

Gault and Heaton inseparable.

 Some fantastic qualifying on the Saturday with team ZPF being inseparable through out, to the point in the Junior production class when Alex Heaton had some problem with his bike Alex Gault stopped his qualifying session half way through to let Alex H use his bike, resulting in Alex H out qualifying his team mate by 1/10 of a second and into 3rd place on the grid for Sundays racing,

the competition's view, from left to right, Azman Easter, Chris Jones, Adam Austin, Ross "TANK" Wiltsire, Scott Redding, Alex Gault & Adam Teasdale.

Alex Gault having his first outing in the Junior Super class, a change in rules allowing the younger riders to experience the challenge of controlling these 12hp bikes, unfortunately the rain on Sunday stopped him using it for the race.

The racing on Sunday proved to be a great spectacle with at first the damp conditions allowing Alex to catch up with the GRC's of Redding and Jones and at least make it look like a race, the disappointment evident when the water got to young Scott's engine causing it to stop. Leaving Chris to take the win with Alex in second.

The water played a part throughout the day, Alex's bike suffered the same fate in the first Junior supers race, and the first Junior production race, He managed to win the second race in the super class but in the second and what proved to be the last race of the day, the torrential rain had caused huge puddles of standing water on the track, on the back strait Alex hit one of these causing the bike to stop dead, However Alex kept going and aquaplaned for about 100 feet. It was obvious the race had to be stopped it being far too dangerous for these kids.

So soaked to the bone, we packed up and headed for home, putting it behind him and looking forward to the next round at Swafham in June.

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