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Round 5 British championship From strength to strength

With the success in Italy still in Alex mind, the very short trip to round five of the MMRA British championship held on home soil at Raceland's just out side Edinburgh. Indeed the only time Alex races in Scotland this year.

The opportunity was not wasted winning his first ever round in this championship in the junior class.

Saturday qualifying got underway, just before a down pour of rain which made the first round times unbeatable resulting in Alex on pole with team mate Alex "H" second Chris Jones 3 and making up the front row young Scott Redding.

In the production class it was a night mare, a rough running engine resulted in Alex back in 7th place and pulling out of the second round of timed qualifying the front row being made up of Ross "TANK" Wiltshire, Chris Jones, Alex "H" and Aaron "Azman" Easter.

The Junior Super class in this championship was introduced to give the kids the opportunity of mastering these 12hp bikes (remember they only weigh 21Kg, that give a pretty impressive power to weight ratio).

There is only one real master of this class and it is "Tank". He has made this class his own since the start and dominated every round this was to be no exception.

Although he is now running a production bike in the class, making him work harder, and pressure from Chris Jones, this is keeping him on his toes and providing very entertaining racing. Alex, who is taking the opportunity to race in this class, does so only for fun and to try and learn from the master, qualified 3rd.

Race day, and the paddock awoke to glorious sun shine and in the morning warm up the production bike was still running rough, so with little time and some help and advice from some other competitors adjustments were made and a new carb fitted. But there was no time to test before the races started.

In Juniors it was Chris Jones who had closed the overnight gap on Alex, and for the whole of the 4 races in this class it was these two, who diced for the lead with Alex taking 3 firsts and a second, to Chris's 3 seconds and a first.

That was as close as it was with nothing between the pair all day.

Behind it was an out of form Scott and Alex H for the 3rd and 4th places, with Scott making it to the last place on the podium.

In Junior production, it was Ross and Chris with the next fastest being Alex "H" then Alex "G", however a DNF from Chris in race 3, a Few slip-ups from Alex "H" in races 1 & 2, let Alex slip into second place on the day, behind Ross "TANK" Wiltshire, with Alex "H" in Third.

In Junior Supers, In the words of the Highlander, "Their can be only one" and it is Tank, with 3 wins and a second it was Chris in second, spot and a steady 4 x third places let Alex on to the podium once again.

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