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Mini Moto Racing. Whats it all about?

The MiniMoto racing Association of GB (MMRA of GB)
Alex indoorsThe MMRA is a non-profit making organisation run by volunteers, and our main aim is to provide training /proving ground for future British motorcycle champions. People of all ages (6yrs-60yrs) compete in the British championship due to our unique format, we are the only championship to run transponders to determine grid positions and final race results. The British championship is run over 8 rounds a year (March-October) and each meeting is a two day event, as in motorcycle road racing. Saturday consists of two morning practice sessions followed by two timed qualifying sessions (to determine grid positions for race day). In the afternoon for each of our nine classes (see rulebook for classes), after all qualifying is finished its time for the paddock to relax with impromptu football matches and BBQs etc. Sunday is race day and this consists of morning warm up and four races per class, the points gained over the day are calculated and trophies given for the top three in each class at the presentation. All points gained over the year count towards the final championship results and trophies for the championship winners are presented at the end of year dinner dance presentation which is a chance for everyone to get out of there leathers and dress up. This year it is being held at the Sashas Hotel in Manchester Saturday 18th November.

What are MiniMotos?

MiniMotos are scaled down versions of grand prix motorcycles, and some can reach top speeds of 70mph (junior bikes are restricted). Then there's Sidecars! MiniMoto sidecars have progressed from using MiniMoto engines and now use 80cc two stroke or 125cc four stroke road derived road engines (with gears).

The Sport and the People

Alex first place againMiniMoto racing is both competitive and fun qualities that in any form of motor racing are hard to combine, it is the type of people that come racing that make this possible. MiniMoto attracts the type of person who will help even there nearest rival with advice, mechanical know how or just a cup of tea if that's what they need and don't have. In short they are friendly like minded people who want everyone to have as much fun as there as there having. Although it's the minority who leave with trophies it's the majority who leave with a smile on their face. With over 100 racing members (who all regularly bring friends and families which swells the paddock size to 200-300 people) this is the best reward for the ten person (voluntary) Committee.

Media interest has increased enormously during the 2000 season and so far. The MMRA has been featured on several TV programs, has had a full-page feature in the Daily Star. It has a full-page race report with pictures and results after every British Championship round in International BikeSport News. Mainly due to the fact that ten of our 1999 juniors have moved on to road racing in championships such as the Aprillia 125 Challenge and the British 125 Championship, and the majority are running in the top ten of there championship. We now have proof that MiniMoto racing is a good proving/training for the future British world champions and is not just a fun night out or a stag party event. MiniMoto racing does play an important part in the world of motorcycle racing.

MAG Sport  would like to say a big thanks to Ridernews and Zoom Products for the words and pictures used above. If you hold an ACU Race Licence, no matter what race category, Zoom have a one off deal with offering HUGE discounts on EBC products in return for promoting Zoom and EBC. 

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