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Final round Eastern counties championship Batley 10th Feb.

The last round of this winter championship took the 70 odd riders (some would say very odd!) to Raceway karting at Batley in Yorkshire this 350 meter track was to produce some of the closest racing of the series, That is why this is an overall report rather than detailed as the Gault family was organized as usual (NOT!) No camera, No Video camera, no note pad combined with the friendly atmosphere and Dad truly enjoying the racing, I can only give you the highlights.

Practice got underway around 10.30 am with the juniors out to impress perhaps more than usual this time, as the Reporters were there from Motor Cycle News were in attendance. If you can imagine the Kids, Brushing their hair before putting on their crash helmets, then doing an sequence of wheelies, Endo's, leaning of the bike much more than they needed to, and it was funny to see them slow down as they passed the corner that the Photographer was standing at. You get the picture; look out for the issue coming out just before the start of the National Championships.

Back to the plot, in the Juniors it was again the two Alex's show, both the young riders of Gault and Heaton pushed each other (and in race 4 quite literally) to the limit, behind these two was some very fierce racing between Karl Taylor, Azman Easter, Gareth Williams, Rob Sepman Jade Spencer and an ever improving James Goodier who is realy starting to get to grips with these power full little bikes. Throughout the five heats is was amazing to watch it was a shame for little Jade Spencer haw ever with her bike being un available she had to race on a hire bike and she did look a bit uncomfortable on it. Not least when Alex clipped her, when trying to pass, pushing her into the tyres (that's the cleaned up version, I couldn't print Jades version).

At the end it was Alex Heaton  ZPF. 2nd Alex Gault ZPF. 3rd Azman Easter Pasini.

Production Junior

This class always amazes me made up from mostly teenagers, it is the proving ground, using 8.5 hp bikes and every one of them set on becoming the best, leads to very hard and close racing. Here in the 5th and final race was a miniature 2001 Phillips Island Gp. 7 bikes in a train for the whole 8 laps either one of them could have taken the win. Stunning! What can I say, (this is why I drag Alex, Kicking and Screaming up and down the country. For the pleasure "I" get when you see the talents of these young stars) What a spectacle if you've never attended a meeting get along to one off them, This is better than Big Bikes. You don't just get to see one corner. You can see all the action, all the moves, all the spills and thrills. Fantastic!

At the end it was 1st  Alex Heaton ZPF 2nd (Getting a bit of a habit this) Alex Gault ZPF. 3rd Jay Glin Pasini.

Final Eastern counties Winter Championship Places


1st Alex Heaton ZPF

2nd Azman Easter Pasini

3rd Karl Taylor Pasini.

 Production Juniors

1st Alex Heaton ZPF

2nd Azman Easter Pasini.

3rd Karl Taylor Pasini

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