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MAG News 2009

News from the world of MAG and Motorcycling below - View 2008 News Here

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January 2009

 16-01-09 Parking Demo Success
The lunchtime demonstration to Conservative HQ is done, with over 150+ riders attending, thank you. Next Demo Sunday 1st February from the Ace Cafe.

 10-01-09 Sign The Petition Against Parking Charges
You may or may not know but a petition has been created on the 10 Downing Street website against the parking charge by Westminster Council.

 09-01-09 Carey-Clinch Leaves Mci But Retains Vital Industry Role
After 10 years as director of public affairs, Craig Carey-Clinch has left the Motor Cycle Industry Association (MCI) to take on the challenge of developing a motorcycle-focused public affairs consultancy.

MAGlogopress08-01-09 Rally Dates From Yorkshire MAG - For Those Who Like to Party
As you can see the dates for all the rallies are confirmed so get planning. We all know things are a bit tight money wise for 2009 and we wont be putting our ticket prices up, or reducing the value for money we already give you.

 08-01-09 Industry Sees Opportunities in 2009
Figures from the Motor Cycle Industry Association (MCI) reflect the resilience of the motorcycle market in the economic downturn, ending 2008 just 4,866 registrations short of 2007.

 07-01-09 No More Shilly-Shallying
Demo against Bike Parking tax on the 15th January to Tory HQ and full campaign "Write Now - Right Now".

MAGlogopress05-01-09 Bikes in Bus Lanes Victory for Common Sense
From today (5th January) motorcycles have been granted access to main route bus lanes in London.

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 30-12-08 Code Of Conduct Launched For London’s Bus Lanes
To coincide with the opening of London’s red route bus lanes to motorcyclists on January 5th, the Motor Cycle Industry Association (MCI) has today launched a new Code of Conduct for motorcyclists who will be enjoying the new freedom to use bus lanes.

 04-12-08 Safety Measures For Motorcycles Can Cut Biker Deaths By Half
Safe road design – incorporating barriers, road markings and safer surfaces – has been proven to cut deaths and injuries for all road users by one third says Eurorap.

 01-12-08 Two Wheels Good, Parking Fees Bad Say Motorcyclists
Parking charges introduced for PTWs (Powered Two Wheelers) by Westminster City Council run contrary to the Government’s aim to ‘mainstream’ motorcycling and to the Mayor of London’s plans to make London more motorcycle-friendly, say representatives of the motorcycling community.

 01-12-08 Shaping the Future of Motorcycling
ACEM, the motorcycle industry in Europe, presented today its strategy to shape the future of motorcycling. On the occasion of its 5th Annual Conference, ACEM outlined an extensive set of measures ensuring that the motorcycles and scooters of tomorrow will be cleaner and safer.

 01-12-08 Motorcycle Sector Urged To Respond To DSA Consultation
The MCI and the MRA have joined forces to urge motorcycle manufacturers, retailers and trainers to respond to the consultation on proposals for the new motorcycle test outlined by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA).

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Click Here For No To The Bike Parking Tax Website - Next Demo 1st February From Ace Cafe - Email Westminster Council Direct

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