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MAG News 2008

News from the world of MAG and Motorcycling below - View 2009 News Here

View 2007 Archive News Here

December 2008

 30-12-08 Code Of Conduct Launched For London’s Bus Lanes
To coincide with the opening of London’s red route bus lanes to motorcyclists on January 5th, the Motor Cycle Industry Association (MCI) has today launched a new Code of Conduct for motorcyclists who will be enjoying the new freedom to use bus lanes.

 04-12-08 Safety Measures For Motorcycles Can Cut Biker Deaths By Half
Safe road design – incorporating barriers, road markings and safer surfaces – has been proven to cut deaths and injuries for all road users by one third says Eurorap.

 01-12-08 Two Wheels Good, Parking Fees Bad Say Motorcyclists
Parking charges introduced for PTWs (Powered Two Wheelers) by Westminster City Council run contrary to the Government’s aim to ‘mainstream’ motorcycling and to the Mayor of London’s plans to make London more motorcycle-friendly, say representatives of the motorcycling community.

 01-12-08 Shaping the Future of Motorcycling
ACEM, the motorcycle industry in Europe, presented today its strategy to shape the future of motorcycling. On the occasion of its 5th Annual Conference, ACEM outlined an extensive set of measures ensuring that the motorcycles and scooters of tomorrow will be cleaner and safer.

 01-12-08 Motorcycle Sector Urged To Respond To DSA Consultation
The MCI and the MRA have joined forces to urge motorcycle manufacturers, retailers and trainers to respond to the consultation on proposals for the new motorcycle test outlined by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA).

November 2008...............................................................................Top Of The Page

 27-11-08 FEMA Newsletter
Federation of European Motorcyclists’ Associations newsletter issues faced by motorcycling in Europe and globally.

 26-11-08 Motorcycle Industry Makes The Case For Support
The motorcycle industry is calling on government and local authorities, to support the industry’s ability to provide affordable and practical transport solutions in these difficult and uncertain economic times.

 26-11-08 FEMA Partners - Asociacion Mutua Motera Spain - Interview
Juan Manuel Reyes from fellow member group AMM Spain tells us that the reason for AMM to join FEMA was that we must join forces to get the European Institutions moving for our rights and force our national governments to do so also.

 20-11-08 Racing Legends and Youngest ever GP Winner Due at the NEC
A star rider line-up that spans all ages and racing classes will be appearing at The Carole Nash International Motorcycle and Scooter Show, which kicks off next week at the Birmingham NEC.

 05-11-08 Sheila Rainger Joins Motor Cycle Industry Association
Sheila Rainger, one of the country’s leading automotive industry campaigners, has joined the Motor Cycle Industry Association (MCI) as director of research and statistical services.

October 2008...................................................................................Top Of The Page

 31-10-08 Parliamentary Motorcycle Group to Step Up a Gear
The Parliamentary All Party Motorcycle Group (APG) has announced new moves to increase its representation in Parliament.

 28-10-08 Charley Boorman to attend Dirt Bike Show - 13th - 16th November
Charley Boorman, the star of Long Way Round and Long Way Down will be attending this year's Annual Dirt Bike Show on Saturday the 15th November.

 27-10-08 Suzuki Unleashes All-New Gsx-R1000 And Gladius At The NEC
Suzuki are all set to unleash their latest range of new and updated 2009 machines at the 2008 Carole Nash International Motorcycle and Scooter Show, held this year from 28th November to 7th December at the NEC in Birmingham

 16-10-08 Unique Custom Bike Built Live at the NEC
Custom bike builders Hawg Haven are set to construct a 30,000 monster live before bikers’ eyes at The Carole Nash International Motorcycle & Scooter Show. This truly unique machine will then be given away to one lucky visitor at the 2009 Show!

 13-10-08 New Motor Cycle Industry Trainers’ Association
The Motor Cycle Industry Association (MCI) is launching a new initiative to bring together the motorcycle training sector. This will include rider trainers and companies engaged in all types of rider training, including off-road and track days.

 07-10-08 New EU Road Safety Regulation not Proven Safe for Cyclists
The European Commission decided to introduce Daytime Running Lights (DRL) on all new vehicles from 2011 onwards.

 06-10-08 James Toseland And Crash Set To Rock The Nec
MotoGP star and acclaimed musician James Toseland will perform with his band Crash at this year’s Carole Nash International Motorcycle and Scooter Show.

September 2008..............................................................................Top Of The Page

29-09-08 Ministers Urged To Stop Bike Test Rip-Off
MAG today called on the Department for Transport to prevent 40,000 new riders from being ripped-off by unjustified increases to test fees.

25-09-08 Daytime Running Lights No Substitute for Driver Awareness
The European Commission has decided to introduce dedicated Daytime Running Light (DRL) on all new cars and commercial vehicles from the year 2011.

 24-09-08 Dedicated Daytime Running Light (DRL) Introduced from 2011
The European Commission (EC) has announced today that dedicated Daytime Running Light (DRL) will be introduced on all new cars from the year 2011 onwards.

 19-09-08 FEMA - Campaigns Officer
FEMA the Brussels-based Non-Governmental Organisation representing riders' interests within the European Union institutions and the United Nations agencies are looking for a dynamic individual to join the FEMA Secretariat.

 12-09-08 Europe Excludes Motorcycling from EU Mobility Week
Why have motorcycles always been excluded from mobility debates while they clearly contribute to improving citizens’ mobility, offering affordable and sustainable solution to daily mobility needs

11-09-08 New Test Disaster Averted - Motorcycle Lobby Wins U-Turn
Following two years of hard campaigning, the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) has welcomed the official announcement of an eleventh-hour delay to the introduction of an extended practical test for new motorcycle riders.

10-09-08 Campaigns Manager to Lead New Government Fraud-Busting Initiative
David Short, is moving on to lead a team of ‘Scambusters’. David, a Chief Superintendent with the North Yorkshire Police before joining MAG, is to be part of a new Government initiative tackling the worst offending rogue traders across the country

03-09-08 SAFERIDER Project - Riders Provide Vital 'Reality Check'
The Saferider project was set up under an EU initiative for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) projects.

 03-09-08 Transport Minister In Talks With Motorcycle Industry Test Centre Chaos
Representatives from the motorcycle industry met Transport Minister Jim Fitzpatrick today, to press the industry’s case for a six month delay to the introduction of new test procedures scheduled for the end of this month.

August 2008.....................................................................................Top Of The Page

20-08-2008 MAG Calls For Research - Advanced Stop Lines
MAG calls on Local Authorities across the UK to take part in TRL research into allowing motorcycles to use Advanced Stop Lines at junctions.

20-08-2008 New Laws to Punish Deaths by Careless Driving
MAG welcomes new laws to punish those who cause deaths by their careless driving.

20-08-2008 Isle of Anglesey Motorcycle Show - Cancellation
The cancellation of the Isle of Anglesey Motorcycle Show, due to take place on August Bank Holiday Weekend, is the latest in a worrying series of cancellations that have marred the summer of 2008.

July 2008.........................................................................................Top Of The Page

 31-07-08 Iconic Brand Mv Augusta Returns To Nec Bike Show 2008
Iconic motorcycle brand MV Augusta will be showcasing its exotic machinery at this year’s International Motorcycle and Scooter Show at the Birmingham NEC.

 28-07-08 Motorcycle Community Demands Delay To Motorcycle Test Changes
The Motor Cycle Industry Association (MCI) is today calling for the introduction of the new motorcycle test to be delayed by six months. The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM), the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) and the British Motorcyclists Federation (BMF) is supporting this call.

18-07-08 MAG Urges Riders - Respond to Threat of Bad Technology from Europe
An international consortium of new technology designers has been brought together by the European Commission to develop new devices capable of informing, or limiting, motorcyclists control over their bikes

 18-07-08 Tickets Go On Sale For UK’s Largest Motorcycle Event
Motorcycle and scooter enthusiasts across the UK will welcome the news that tickets for this year’s International Motorcycle and Scooter Show go on sale today.

 15-07-08 Three Days - Three Rides - One Reunion!
Ace Cafe London's 70th anniversary and 15th annual Ace Cafe Reunion, a special party weekend that is being filmed for USA TVs Speed Channel.

10-07-08 MAG - Ride to Work Week
As well as being environmentally friendly you will save time by keeping moving and not getting stuck in a stationary car in rush hour traffic.

 09-07-08 Ride To Work Day 2008 - Wednesday 16th July 2008
Ride to Work Day is a day for all bike and scooter users to get out and about on their bikes and ride to work, ideally with a pillion.

 04-07-08 SAFERIDER Project: FEMA needs your views before July 31st
In the past, FEMA has found that the development of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) often creates two types of problems for motorcyclists.

 01-07-08 FEMA 20th Anniversary: MEP Ride through Brussels!
On 25 June 2008, FEMA celebrated its 20th Anniversary with a special MEP Motorcycle Ride organised in Brussels.

June 2008.........................................................................................Top Of The Page

26-06-2008 MAG Acknowledge Latest Government Road Casualty Figures
The Motorcycle Action Group acknowledge the latest Government road casualty figures released today which show minor changes in the rates of motorcycle casualties.

 20-06-08 Help The Trust To Help You
The IAM Trust is currently half way through a 50,000 research project aimed at creating safer crash barriers for we motorcycle riders. We are appealing to you riders to help us build up a true picture of what goes on.

 20-06-08 SAFERIDER Survey
We would like as many motorcyclists as possible to go to the following link to the SAFERIDER survey and answer the questionnaire.

19-06-2008 MPs today condemned the DfT and DVLA
MPs today condemned the Department for Transport and the Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency for misrepresenting motorcyclists as road tax dodgers.

 17-06-08 A Giant Leap Forward for Motorcyclists
The results from the OECD workshop on motorcycle safety last week may represent a giant leap forward for us motorcyclists, says FEMA President Hans Petter Strifeldt.

 16-06-08 Guardrails: Great Victory for Motorcyclists Worldwide!
This is a clear milestone for motorcyclists’ 20-year-long fight for their safety.

 12-06-2008 MAG Supports Protests Against Petrol & Diesel Prices
The Motorcycle Action Group, MAG, support motorcyclists and motorists of all vehicle types who are taking part in demonstrations to highlight the unacceptable high cost of petrol and diesel.

 02-06-08 ETSC Report: Mandatory ISA to Improve Motorcycle Safety?
The European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) published its report on motorcycle safety today.

May 2008...........................................................................................Top Of The Page

 28-05-08 A Better Care for the New Motorcyclist
Newly qualified riders failing to recognize hazards, and pre-license training that has overly focused on machine control skills is a relation that has been recognised for a long time.

 23-05-08 BikeGuard Protection on the Right Track
BikeGuard has been installed near Buxton, along the A54, Macclesfield Road in Derbyshire.

 08-05-2008 MAG's Opening Rally of the Year Breaks All Records
The weekend of the May 2-4 saw the Motorcycle Action Groups rally season get under way with the 'Into the Valley' rally.

 08-05-08 World’s First Vision Zero Motorcycle Road
A milestone for motorcycle safety, said FEMA President Hans Petter Strifeldt as he officially opened the World’s First Vision Zero Road for motorcycles along RV 32 in Telemark County in Norway 7 May 2008.

 06-05-08 MAG Congratulates Pro Bike London Mayor Boris
The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) congratulates Boris Johnson on his election as Mayor of London

April 2008..........................................................................................Top Of The Page

17-04-08 FEMA and FIM
The two organisations strengthen user cooperation to face motorcycling challenges.

 17-04-08 MAG express sadness at the death of Hon. Gwyneth Dunwoody MP
MAG had great respect for Mrs Dunwoody and recognises the tremendous contribution she has made to politics

 14-04-08 Moray Motorcycle Test Centre Action Group Demo Elgin
Around 700 bikers from all areas of Scotland braved rain and hail to attend the Moray Motorcycle Test Centre Action Group Demo Elgin 12th April.

 11-04-08 THINK!
MAG says THINK! Motorcycle safety campaign and former BSB Champion, John Reynolds gives some advice on how to get the best out of your motorcycling summer… 
 11-04-08 Orange County Choppers fly into Hemsby
Peaceful springtime Hemsby is braced for an invasion of fans as stars of one of America’s biggest cult TV shows fly in next week. 
09-04-08 Excess All Areas 2008 Competition Winners
We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2008 Ticket Competition for Into The Valley - The Farmyard Party - Ganton Gathering - Yorkshire Pudding. 
03-04-08 London Bikers Are Voters 2008
MAG will work positively with politicians of all parties who demonstrate not only their own personal commitment, but also the commitment of their political party, to the improvement of motorcycling interests. 
 03-04-08 Safer Motorcycling Guidelines Welcomed by Minister
More of Britain's roads could be designed with the safety of motorcyclists in mind. The award-winning Institute of Highway Incorporated Engineers Guidelines for Motorcycling are now available online 
01-04-08 Test Centre Demo - Scotland
Aberdeenshire Motorcycle Action Group, give their full support to the upcoming demonstration being organised by the Moray Motor Cycle Test Centre Action Group. 
01-04-08 New 'Square' Wheel To Revolutionise Motorcycle Safety
Motorcycle insiders say that the Motorcycle Industry is abuzz with excitement about a revolutionary new tyre design. 

March 2008.......................................................................................Top Of The Page

 30-03-08 'Don't Look See' Campaign
Be aware at junctions - is targetted at riders of motorcycles, scooters and mopeds as well as car drivers. 
28-03-08 General Secretary of MAG UK - Job Vacancy
Applications are invited for the position of General Secretary of MAG UK. Candidates should have................ 

27-03-08 MAG Scotland Glasgow Easter Egg Run
A fantastic turn out for this year's run and it has grown yet again! 
 26-03-08 Moray Motor Cycle Test Centre Action Group
Help Us Save Our Testing Facilities - The DSA plans to create Multi Purpose Test Centres at the loss of existing local facilities. 

26-03-08 Roadworthiness Testing FEMA Position
The EU is merging various directives and amendments to harmonise the frequency of roadworthiness tests and the parts of motor vehicles which must be tested.

17-03-08 No Chips for Bikers
The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) abandons proposals to chip motorcycle number plates.

17-03-08 Directive Infrastructure
An Open Letter in Support of Higher Safety Levels on Europe’s Roads.

13-03-08 General Secretary of MAG UK
Applications are invited for the position of General Secretary of MAG UK. Candidates should have................ 

12-03-08 Gerrymandering – No Bikes in Bus Lanes
MAG condemns today's announcement by London Mayor Ken Livingstone that motorcycles would not be permitted to use bus lanes on roads controlled by Transport for London. 

 11-03-08 Read All About It!
Safety leaflet emphasises to motorcyclists the importance of caring for their tyres. Guides on tyre safety can be downloaded free of charge from Tyre Safe. 

 05-03-08 ACU & TRF Agree Landmark Rights of Way Deal
The Auto-Cycle Union (ACU) and the Trial Riders Fellowship (TRF) have agreed a new deal that will help secure the future of many Rights of Way across the country. 

04-03-08 Safeguarding The Future
The Motorcycle Action Group safeguards the future of motorcycling with practical recommendations to the Parliamentary Transport Select Committee. 

03-03-08 Excess All Areas 2008 Competition
10 Lucky winners will receive a pair of tickets for, Into the Valley - Farmyard Party - Ganton Gathering and last but not least the Yorkshire Pudding Rally. 

February 2008................................................................................Top Of The Page

 28-02-08 Edward Leigh MP Apologies to Motorcyclists
The Chairman of the Committee of Public Accounts Committee Issues Statement to Motorcyclists on Vehicle Excise Duty Evasion. 

 26-02-08 Boris Johnson Backs Motorcycle Use In Bus Lanes
The Conservative London Mayoral Candidate Launches a scheme to allow motorcyclists to use bus lanes in London. 

 19-02-08 Riders Get To Grips With Manhole Covers
Carriageway manhole covers, especially on bends, can present a potentially lethal danger to motorcyclists but this could all change if revisions to the European Standard for them, proposed by the UK, is agreed. 

 19-02-08 Bikers Not 'Tax Cheats' Says Leading Insurer
Bikesure criticises 'mistaken' government survey conclusions: "At the very least, MPs owe bikers an apology (over) spectacular statistical cock up" 

14-02-08 VED Evasion – True Figures
MAG challenged figures released in a recent Parliamentary Committee of Public Accounts report which suggested that motorcycle VED evasion rates were as high as 40%. 

14-02-08 Spend 20 to save 295
MAG members and MAG members only seeking a mortgage in the current credit squeeze can now benefit from a blinding new offer.

 13-02-08 Embarrassment For Department For Transport
Motorcyclists should get an apology. Barely three weeks ago, the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee claimed in a well-publicised report that nearly 40 per cent of motorcyclists were evading the payment of vehicle excise duty (VED).

07-02-08 Dartford Crossing - Struck by the Barrier 
The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG UK) are proud to have helped negotiate free passage for bikers at the Dartford Crossing, an arrangement that has been in place for a number of years now.

 05-02-08 Freebird In London 
Book now for the Empire Leicester Square.You can also catch Freebird at cinemas across the UK as it goes into its 2nd week of release.

04-02-08 FEMA Elects New President 
The Federation of European Motorcyclists’ Associations (FEMA) warmly welcomes Hans Petter Strifeldt as its new President.

04-02-2008 London Mayor’s Dithering puts Road User Lives at Risk
MAG is very concerned that the safety of vulnerable road users is being put at risk by the procrastination of London’s Mayor Ken Livingstone.

January 2008...................................................................................Top Of The Page

25-01-08 Home Office - Misery – Costs – Inconvenience to Bikers
MAG have expressed their serious concerns to the Home Office regarding their proposals to increase, by almost 300%, the statutory charges for the removal, storage and disposal of motorcycles by the police.

 24-01-08 Freebird Rideouts From Hein Gericke Stores Nationwide 
Freebird, the new British comedy from the makers of Layer Cake and starring Phil Daniels (Quadrophenia), opens up and down the country on Friday, 1st February.

 23-01-08 Motor Cycle Industry Challenges Ved Evasion Estimate
The Motor Cycle Industry Association (MCIA) says that the methodology used to come up with the estimate simply doesn't stand up to scrutiny.

21-01-08 Motorcycle Tax Evasion - Its Not Right
MAG remain sceptical of the claim in a recent report that 40% of bikers evade paying VED.

 15-01-08 Motorcycle Industry Says Time For Motorcycling To Be Taken Seriously
Leaders of the UK motorcycle industry are calling for government, legislators, local authorities and transport planners to start treating motorcycling seriously.

 10-01-08 Freebird - How Much Can Three Men Take?
Three London bike couriers head for Wales in search of a hippie's fabled cargo of home grown weed and spend most of the movie off their trolleys.

09-01-08 20 Years Defending European Riders
The Federation of European Motorcyclists' Associations is very proud to announce its 20th Anniversary.

09-01-2008 MAG Prepares to Defend Motorcycling
The Motorcycle Action Group is preparing to defend motorcycling in the forthcoming Parliamentary scrutiny of Road Safety.

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