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MAG News 2009

Sign The Petition Against Parking Charges

Issued 10th January 2009

Click HERE To Sign The PetitionYou may or may not know but a petition has been created on the 10 Downing Street website against the parking charge, this mailout is asking you to sign it

This will add more pressure on Westminster Council, the petition needs only 200 signatories to become "an issue".

Which would then require a response from the government, we have already hit that target now at 371 signatories as I write this.

But we still want to up this number to make it an even greater issue, this petition is one other avenue we can attack the bike parking tax in Westminster along with our direct letters of objections to Westminster Council themselves and letters to the higher ranks of Conservative HQ and on-street demonstrations.

All these things add to the pressure on Councillor Danny Chalkley to push him to scrap the parking tax he imposed, remember it is at the moment only an experiment!

Sign the petition Here

We ask you again to do a number of things to support the campaign:

  1. Write a letter of objection (templates, examples of others here), get your friends a family to do the same no matter where you located, this issue will soon spread further than Central London, the time to stop it is

    NOW. WRITE NOW RIGHT NOW! - Details here
  2. Attend ALL our arranged demonstrations (details of upcoming demos here), these add to awareness and show Westminster the force they are up against.

  3. Sign the Downing Street petition - Here

  4. Spread the word about the campaign, get leafletting, downloads and posters are available on our website, talk to all riders you meet, put up posters, some don't even know about the charge or the campaign.

  5. Forward this email on to all your contacts.


All this action, and ALL your support will win this.

See you at the next demonstration come rain or shine!!!

18TH FEBRUARY 2009 - Is an important date, don't leave it too late!

Westminster Council will make their decision whether or not to make this bike parking charge permanent if they do, other councils will follow.

The Committee - No To the Bike Parking Tax



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