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MOTO - KL 2008 - Fun & Fair Weather        

Fun & Fair Weather – March 2008

AGM was held on 20 March 2008. There were some changes to the Committee. Sue Payne (Borough Council) has resigned as secretary, and will no longer attend sessions, but will remain on the Committee progressing the education side. Nik Samson (Editor – 100% Biker) has taken over as Committee Administrator.

Dave Rodwell of Norfolk County Council has been appointed Child Protection Officer, and Colin Perris will act as our trackside Child Protection Officer. 

The Committee have decided to hold all future meetings at 4.30pm. 

We have tried both morning, afternoon, and evening meetings, and it was agreed that adult attendance was not effected by the time of the meeting, so the 4.30pm time slot was chosen to suit the Youth Reps (4).

Race bikes – the blata bikes are to be sold, and the funds used towards purchasing two more bikes of the same model that Moto KL are currently using. This will give us 8 bikes (2 in reserve for breakdowns).  Although the blatas are a superior bike, they are smaller and more difficult to ride, and it is Moto KL policy that riders shall all have exactly the same bike, so close call finishing line results are wholly dependent on skill – with no variant on the bike.

Marshalls – you can never have too many ! The preferred option is always by recommendation of a Committee Member. Two younger Marshalls are to come on board (good – they can run faster than us oldies) – Dan Turner and Steven Perris. 

Local Rep, Jim Gardener of North Cambs MAG has indicated he will be attending some sessions (I have a witness to that Jim and I have booked Alfie in for the 2019 season) and Assistant Local Rep, Simon Mollett of Bury MAG has continued as our star from Race Day by agreeing to be our inhouse technical support (spanner monkey to the non-corporate !). 

Its wonderful that representatives of 2 of the 3 groups in the East Anglia Region are giving us such fantastic support.

magsportjuniors07pic4Racing Season – starts on 3 April. The Co-ordinator is avidly praying to the weather god for good weather this season. Last year we lost a lot of sessions due to wet weather, and having to tell the riders that their session was a no go was heartbreaking. 

We have decided on a simple flag system this season. Green for go, red for stop, yellow for caution, and the chequered for end of the race – doing away with the last lap flag as this seemed to cause confusion with some riders. 

Our track is to be permanently marked – Norfolk County Council are to carry out the line laying – and have generously agreed to pay half the cost.

The Borough Council gave us a grant towards the balance, and Keith Chapman of Norfolk Arena waived all the fuel, oil, parts and maintenance costs for 2007 so that Moto KL can put these monies towards the balance of the cost. 

Many thanks for their support and generosity. 

Many thanks also go to MAG Sport for supporting MAG Sport J’s right from when they used to practice on a concrete pad in the wilds of the fens, to now sponsoring Moto KL for the 2008 Season.

The buzzwords for 2008?


Shan Tedder – Co-ordinator/Chairman

Moto KL

Tel  01366 380 293


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