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MOTO - KL 2008 - Novice Practice Session April     

Novice Practice Session – April 2008

7th Heaven, V & S Moto, The Right Direction (Thetford) Team A and The Right Direction (Thetford) Team B all attended their first practice session and were the first teams to try out our new 'hard lined' track. 

Out of the 19 team members attending only 6 had any riding experience, but thanks to the skills of our instructors, and all the rider's quick ability to learn, every team member finished their session able to take to the track. 

To assist novice riders with their riding lines, the track is to be marked with a temporary running line to show riders the correct way to corner. 

Interestingly, 7 of the 19 riders attending were girls, redressing the balance in the MHB Services League of only 1 girl rider participating. 

A special well done goes out to Luke Betts of Right Direction Team B and Kale Mellusco from V & S Moto.

Photos courtesy of Colin Perris


7th Heaven

V&S Moto

7th Heaven

V&S Moto



Right Direction (Thetford) A + B

Atmospheric Procession

Right Direction (Thetford) A + B

Atmospheric Procession



Paul Smith - Instructor - with our first time out riders

Steady As She Goes Captain

Paul Smith - Instructor - with our first time out riders

Steady As She Goes Captain



Lots More Pictures on the MOTO - KL website go to - Tracktime


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