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MOTO - KL - 2008 - Novice Practice Session August

Novice Teams Practice Session & Wheelie Wet Cup Qualifiers Overview

Pictures Coming Soon

7th Heaven - Aimee Evans, Christopher Kerr, and Jack Neville took part in a practice session only. 

At the request of Danny Coucill, who could not attend the session and did not want to miss out on any qualifiers, it was agreed that their Qualifier for the Wheelie Wet Cup be held over until 2 October 2008.

V & S Moto - Excelled themselves at this session. Genevieve Hodgins, despite feeling unwell, rallied round to take part in the Qualifier. Joshua Brown, despite a fall and hurting his leg, also still took part in the Qualifier. 

Stephanie Marlow and Georgia Brown made good steady progress again.

Kayl Mellusco, who at the last session had decided that mini motos was not for her, but would remain with the team in a support capacity, amazed us at this session. 

Under the tuition of Dave Cusdin - who obviously has magical instructing skills, Kayl not only very bravely got back on a mini moto, but took to the track, and then took part in the Qualifier, and WON !!! 

Well done to Kayl for deciding to try again, and also getting into the semi finals, and to Dave for his highly skilled tutoring.

Right Direction (Thetford) Team A & B - were their normal lively selves, despite being awake all night - having just enjoyed a camping trip!

Team A - Sean Rowe, Siobhan Brown, Joshua Burden, Jo Langston, and Craig Rust took to the track with enthusiasm! 

Winner of the Wheelie Wet Cup qualifier was Sean Rowe - excellent riding Sean, and who now goes into the semi finals to be held at the Westcotec Series Race Day on 30 October 2008.

Team B - had a new line up. Omar Atiallah, Louis Piesse, and Luke Betts were joined by new team members - Evie Ladell and Connor Hatt. 

Evie did very well in the practice session, but decided against taking part in the Qualifier due to her hands aching - a common complaint from new riders as the vibration from the mini motos takes some getting used to. 

Connor Hatt impressed the Co-ordinator today. Firstly by assisting with the kitting up of his team members. Secondly, despite being tall and not having ridden for a very long time, he took command of the track immediately, and has perfect foot positioning (turns his feet sideways on the pegs to enable sharper cornering) which he was asked to demonstrate to the other riders. 

Omar Atiallah was also very impressive today. Nik Samson, our motorcycle professional, highlighted Omar for not only listening to Nik's cornering tips, but being able to actually carry out the instruction, resulting in Omar increasing his smooth cornering - which naturally increases pace. Congratulations also go out to Omar for winning the Qualifier, and he will now take part in the semi finals. Good day all round Omar!

Both Team A and B decided to choose new Team Captains today. Congratulations to Craig Rust of Team A, and Connor Hatt of Team B on being made Team Captains.

So with light failing, both Teams headed off, happily bickering about MAG Sport caps! 

Well done to ALL the members today.

Many thanks to McDonalds of King's Lynn who have kindly agreed to supply drinks carriers for the Wheelie Wet Cup Rounds (the drinks carriers are taped to the back of the bike, with beakers of water placed in the carriers - winners are the rider with the most water in their beaker after 1 lap) 

Hence the race is now called - The Wheelie Wet Cup

Moving forward into the semi finals so far are:

V & S Moto

Kayl Mellusco

Right Direction (Thetford) Team A

Sean Rowe

Right Direction (Thetford) Team B

Omar Atiallah




Congratulations to Debbie Perris and Steve Perris - who are now on the Moto KL Committee. Both Debbie and Steve have attended every session, and have been superstar multi taskers. Moto KL are most grateful to them both, and indeed to all of the Perris family, for supporting Moto KL. 

Of course, we can't break with tradition, and have to point out that Steve turned up with a broken arm - but of course, didn't get an ounce of sympathy, and got dispatched trackside as a 'spotter' - Debbie advised him to wave his cast to alert us to a problem !!! 

Steve was accompanied by his young lady - who we think will look even more beautiful in a Marshall's jacket!

Glad to see Jon Perris has recovered from a nasty fall - stay on the mini motos Jon - appears they are safer than your feet!

Nik Samson has advised that some of our girl riders made massive improvements to their riding skills at this session, (unfortunately he is not very good with names !), but I am sure you know who you are.

We have several vacancies for riders for the MHB Services League - this is the racing league so you MUST HAVE RIDING EXPERIENCE.

Contact the Co-ordinator Shan

Shan Tedder - Co-ordinator - Moto KL

Tel:   01366 380 293
Mobile:  07944 943 651



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