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MOTO - KL 2008 - Pre Season        

MOTO KL PRE SEASON REPORT – 21 February 2008

Our season commences on 3 April 2008 through to 18 September 2008. The end of season Race Day will be held in Octobe,r (during half term), this being the only time when all Riders can attend for a full weekday (the Norfolk Arena is not available at weekends due to hosting its own events).

We have now closed entries for the 2008 season. The reasoning behind this is two fold.

Firstly it enables the Calendar to be set for the season, and avoids difficulties in trying to bring in new teams (which results in current teams losing session time).

We are now accepting registration of novice teams for the 2009 season.

Our riders range from 11-17 years old – some teams are from recognised groups such as the Air Cadets, Scouts, etc – whereas individuals who apply are placed into an available team.

This year we have split the teams into 2 Leagues.

Novice League

The Novice League is for new teams who have signed up for the 2008 season. We have one team that participated in the 2007 season under the novice banner, but a rider change round, and 3 new riders coming into the team has resulted in the team remaining in the Novice League. There are 6 Novice Teams participating this season – each team will have individual hour long team sessions. This will enable team members to develop a team spirit by just riding with their own team members

The novice teams will take part in the End of Season race day with their own novice section and will be able to enter the ‘open’ races such as Last man o’er the line.

Points League

Teams that participated in the 2007 Season have moved into the Points League. This is a new league for 2008 for the 7 teams. Some riders have changed into different teams, but essentially 42 riders have carried on from last year.

Each team, (as do the novice teams), has its own Team Captain in place – who will be responsible for the team whilst at the Arena – e.g. ensuring the team is kitted up on time, on track when required etc. 

It is our aim to encourage more team spirit and responsibility this season as riders have gained riding experience in 2007, and can now concentrate on being a race team.

Each Session will consist of 6 teams participating in 6 races. In any given race every rider will achieve a point / points for their team – 1st place – 6 points, 2nd place - 5 points, 3rd place – 4 points, 4th place – 3 points, 5 place – 2 points, 6th place – 1 point. This will create an interest during the season – a league table will be posted on the website, and awards will be given to the teams placed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd at the end of the season. The end of season Race Day will be a separate event run along the same lines as last year (details are on the website calendar page).

Moto KL Committee Member – Sue Payne (BCKLWN Community Development Officer) is currently working towards Moto KL being able to offer riders an opportunity to achieve accredited diplomas based on the Norfolk County Council Norfolk Youth Awards scheme whereby riders will be able to undertake such diplomas as Personal Challenge, Difference in the Community, and Working With Others. 

Participation in the diploma scheme will be optional for riders – but Moto KL feel that offering a diploma scheme will be an exciting added interest for riders taking part in this unique project.

Shan Tedder – Co-ordinator/Chairman

Moto KL

Tel  01366 380 293


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