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Race Day 2007

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MOTO - KL 2008 - Racing Round Four    

MHB League ROUND FOUR - 26th June - Overview   Photos now up MOTO - KL Tracktime page. Selection below

Dusty Devils - Still in Top Spot - Picture Courtesy of Colin PerrisDusty Devils - are determined not to relinquish the top spot running a clear 20 points ahead of their nearest contenders! Jon Perris took 2 firsts, and is chasing James Blackburn (his own team mate) for no. 1 spot on the Riders Points Table reducing the number of points between them to a difference of 2 (from 3 in Round Three).

James Blackburn took a 2nd in his race, and it is good to see Jon and James working as team mates and competing against each other on an individual basis. 

Jamie Jackson is back - but was unlucky and crashed out of his race and Cameron Foreman was also off form These two pals are normally very strong riders - but that is racing for you! Calum Bacon who spent one session as a novice and was immediately promoted up into the race league, impressed everyone by taking a 3rd in his first ever race.

MHB Services - have dropped again to 3rd place, but have had a change of riders - with Daniel Horspole, Tom Harrison, and Ryan Bunkle joining the team for their first race session - so some settling in is to be expected. 

Nathan King (team captain) had a good round taking a 2nd.  Daniel Horspole was unlucky - losing a chain. Both Tom Harrison and Ryan Bunkle - first time out ever trackside, did very well. 

Many thanks to Lee Bunkle for marshalling and if you are not doing anything on 10 July your presence trackside would be appreciated!

MAG Energy - did not have a good round. Alternating between 3rd and 2nd placings in previous rounds, they have dropped to 5th place in Round 4.

Cameron Wilson was unable to ride - arriving with his leg in a cast ! Wishing you a speedy recovery Cameron. His brother Jack Wilson was back on form and took a healthy 3rd in his race - well done Jack. 

Bradley Gant - a very strong rider - took a 4th, but retired from the Round due to an injury (unrelated to mini moto racing) starting to cause him problems. 

Ellie Whiting was also off form this round, probably due to having missed a couple of Rounds, but in excellent team spirit standing in as captain - also stood in for 3 extra races as Jack had to leave early, and Bradley had retired. Well done Ellie.

Captain - Kane Beatson unfortunately arrived after the racing had finished, but got some practice time in on the track.

MAG Sport J's - 4 appears to be their number ! This team have held 4th position, and have had a new line up - in every Round ! 

James Moss is one of two founder member of this team and as captain has seen his team members change constantly - but has done really well in keeping the team spirit alive. James was back on form this Round and took a 3rd. 

Dan Cusdin, the only other founder member of this team seems totally unphased by the constant rider changes and kept his strong form with another 2nd. 

Bradz Eade attended, but having just done a 5 hour fitness test, not suprisingly -wasn't up to racing. 

New team member David Borley was a star - never having been out on the track before, he settled easily into his warm up session, and took a healthy 4th in his race, and impressed us by instantly becoming part of the team. It was good to see he was supported by numerous family members in attendance as well.

Fire Tyres - are riding high in 2nd place. They have fought their way up from 6th place in Round One due to a no show, to 5th, joint 4th, and have now skipped to 2nd place in the league. 

The team has been dogged with attendance problems, team captain Nathan Bloodworth holding the team in the league in Round Two and accompanied only by fellow team member Alex Tuck in Round Three. 

This Round saw Alex Tuck take every race as Alistair Farthing decided not to participate in the racing, gaining an incredible 28 points fpr the team. Well done Alex.

Westcotec - again sees a rider line up change. Apart from their captain being unable to attend the last 3 Rounds, and various non attendance by other team members, the team has constantly changed riders. Hopefully the new line up will stay the course. The team gained a huge 25 points in this Round - so things are looking up. 

Ricky Norman, an excellent rider, is totally unphased by the changes, and has consistently been placed 1st in his Round Three and Four races - had he joined Moto KL at the beginning of the season, he would be a serious contender in the Riders Points Table. Co-ordinator wonders if we will ever see him smile though !

Welcome back Steve Perris - Picture Courtesy of Colin PerrisNew team member Geno Cowley has made an excellent start taking two fourths, settling in very well. 

We welcome back Damon Hillier who took part in the 2007 Race Day, Damon took it steady in his first race, and went into turbo to take 2nd place in his second race.

Many thanks to:

Steve Perris - yes we have got him back - think he was getting worried about how many websites his absence was going to appear on ! (Including here at MAG Sport - Welcome back Steve) Steve has impressed Simon Mollett - our technical support, with his spannering skills.

As always thanks to Colin - who I rely on to record everything I miss (too much paperwork !) and the delightful Debbie Perris - who I am trying to source a MAG t shirt for asap.

Dave Cusdin for his instructing, and droll sense of humour.

Paul Smith for managing to fit instructing into his busy schedule that day.

All our ground assistants for the day, including Nik Samson, Lee Bunkle, Fen Govier-Tedder, Bradz Eade and Daniel Horspole.

Photos Courtesy of Colin Perris

 Photos now up MOTO - KL Tracktime page.

Ryan Bunkle

Ricky Norman (Bike 6) and James Blackburn do battle



Very, very determined young men!



Race Co-ordinator Shan Tedder sorts the paper work!

Making sure the bikes are tip top!


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