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MOTO - KL 2008 - Racing Round Seven        

MHB League ROUND Seven Overview - 18th September 2008

Jon Perris - Photo Courtesy of Colin PerrisDusty Devils - winners of 2008 MHB Services League ! 

Captain, Jon Perris, team mate and friendly rival James Blackburn, and Calum Bacon joined forces for the final Round to not only win the League with 190 points, but also scored 36 points in Round Seven - the highest points ever recorded in a single Round. 

Sadly, fellow team mates Jamie Jackson, Cameron Foreman, nor Matthew Trudgill, who have helped to keep this team at the top of the league since Round Two, were not present at this final Round. 

The Team Trophies will be presented at the Awards Ceremony at the Westcotec Series Race Day on 30 October 2008.

MHB Services - 2nd in the 2008 MHB Services League with 160 points. 

Captain, Nathan King was back from his summer job to join team mates Carl Brooks, Daniel Horspole, and Ryan Bunkle in this final Round. 

The Team have hung on to their 2nd placing since Round Five, and finished with 160 points. 

Missing from the Round were Tom Harrison and Michael Ecclestone. 

Daniel Horspole just missed out on the top 6 spot in the Riders Table.

The Team Trophies will be presented at the Awards Ceremony at the Westcotec Series Race Day on 30 October 2008.

Thanks to Lee Bunkle for flag waving again!

MAG Energy - 3rd in the 2008 MHB Services League with 133 points. 

Captain, Kane Beatson had transport problems and missed this Round (get well soon to Kane's mum) which knocked him out of a good chance of being in the top 6 Riders Table. 

Also speedy recovery goes out to Ellie Whiting (enjoy the ice cream). 

Jack and Cameron Wilson handled the first 4 races, with Jack taking his best placing this season, and Cameron maintaining his excellent riding standard. 

The brothers were then joined by new team member Billy Marranzini, who stunned us all by taking the swift pace in his stride - well done Billy. 

The Team Trophies will be presented at the Awards Ceremony at the Westcotec Series Race Day on 30 October 2008.

Thanks to Martin Wilson for giving up his sun bathing again!

James Moss - Photo Courtesy of Colin PerrisMAG Sport J's - have battled with MAG Energy throughout the whole season, losing out to a placing by 3 points. 

Captain, James Moss and team mate Dan Cusdin have seen numerous team member changes over the past few months.

They welcomed Jordan Jackson at the last Round, and this Round Jordan brought along his pal - Harry Sands - who not expecting to ride, had to then borrow James' boots! 

Well done to all 4 for excellent team spirit, and a well fought Round. 

We are still waiting to hear from David Borley - don't miss the 16th October Qualifier Round David!
Westcotec - were a no show. 

Sadly Captain, Ricky Norman - who turned the team around, and was placed 5th fastest rider in the Riders Table has had to resign due to College commitments - we wish you luck Ricky - but as Race Day is in half term perhaps we will see you ? 

Jake Smith, who is committed to his Duke of Edinburgh at present, had to miss this Round. 

Geno Cowley and Damon Hillier didn't make it - despite confirming attendance! 

This Team is also short of a couple of Riders - so if you can ride a mini moto - get in touch with us ASAP.

Fire Tyres - were another no show. 

This was a high scoring team who were sitting in 2nd position in Round Four, but who have been plagued with attendance problems. 

Nathan Bloodworth's no show caused him to drop out of the top 6 sector of the Riders Table. 

Hope to see you all on 16 October for the Wheelie Wet Cup Qualifiers.


1st Place       

James Blackburn (Dusty Devils) 

39 points

2nd Place

Jon Perris (Dusty Devils)

38 points

3rd Place

Dan Cusdin (MAG Sport J's)

31 points

4th Place

Carl Brooks (MHB Services)

27 points

5th Place

Jack Wilson (MAG Energy)

21 points

Joint 6th Place

Cameron Wilson (MAG Energy)

19 points

Joint 6th Place

James Moss (MAG Sport J's)

19 points

Joint 6th Place

Matthew Trudgill (Dusty Devils)

19 points

Trophies will be presented at the Awards Ceremony at the Westcotec Series Race Day on 30 October 2008.

Congratulations to all the Teams and individual Riders, and well done to all those who took part in the 2008 MHB Services League.
Close Action and Spills Throughout 2008 - Photo Courtesy of Colin PerrisMany thanks to Keith Chapman of Norfolk Arena for his generosity in hosting the 2008 MHB Services League and Novice sessions.

Many thanks to Dave Cusdin, Colin Perris, Steve Perris and Hannah, Simon Mollett, Nik Samson, Paul Smith, Daniel Horspole, Jon Perris, Fen Govier-Tedder, Bradz Eade, Nathan Holland and the Norfolk Arena staff whose efforts made our League year a success.

A special thank you to Debbie Perris for co-ordinating the Co-ordinator!

We have 2 more Qualifier Rounds in October in readiness for the Westcotec Series Race Day on 30 October 2008 where the League and Novice Teams will compete in some 27 Races as the grand finale of the season.

For more info on Moto KL go to their website at


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