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MOTO - KL 2008 - Racing Round Six        

MHB League ROUND Six Overview - 21st August 2008

Getting Up Close - Photo Courtesy of Colin PerrisWestcotec - were a no show! Newly appointed captain Ricky Norman - who has turned the team around, ensuring steady scoring in Round 4 & 5 failed to attend, and missed the Qualifiers for 2 Races, and dropped a place in the Rider's table.

So what happened? 

We are still waiting to hear from you all! (with the exception of Jake Smith - who we know is on holiday).

Fire Tyres - made it for this round. Nathan Bloodworth was sufficiently recovered (thankfully) from his RTA to ride, and now holds joint 5th place in the Rider's Table. 

This round he was also joined by team members Alex Tuck and Nick Fysh, and between them all brought in 20 points - bringing them up to 5th place. 

Well done to Nick Fysh for qualifying for the Finals of the West Norfolk MAG Last Rider o'er the Line Cup (to be held on 30 October).
MAG Sport J's - had a new team member join them at this Round - Jordan Jackson (brother of Jamie Jackson who rides for Dusty Devils) and very well he did too - so welcome Jordan, and well done to you for settling in during a very busy Round.

MAG Sport J's dropped a place this Round, and are presently in 4th place. 

Well done to Dan Cusdin for qualifying for the Finals of both the Simon Stone Privateer's Cup and West Norfolk MAG Last Rider o'er the Line Finals (to be held on on 30 October).

Close and Determined - Photo Courtesy of Colin PerrisMAG Energy - Kane Beatson, Ellie Whiting, Cameron and Jack Wilson pulled off their highest scoring Round this season with a healthy 26 points

Ellie Whiting took a 1st in Race 3 and a 2nd in Race 5 resulting in 11 points and a personal best Round. 

The team has moved back up to 3rd place in the League - a placing not held since Round Three. 

Brothers Cameron and Jack Wilson are holding 16 points each in joint 6th place in the Rider's Table (see below) - this could get interesting at the next Round!

MHB Services - Carl Brooks, Daniel Horspole, and Tom Harrison joined forces to also bring in 26 points for their team.

Although a drop in points from Round Five (32 points) the team has managed to hang on to their 2nd place.

Very well done to Carl Brooks for qualifying for the Finals of both the Simon Stone Privateer's Cup and the West Norfolk MAG Last Rider o'er the Line Cup (to be held on 30 October), and for taking 4th place with 22 points in the Rider's Table (below).

New Rider - Tom Harrison 'found his feet' today and took a 2nd in Race 3.

Dusty Devils - This team's dedication, and excellent attendance record is paying off, still in the lead and currently holding 154 points. 

Jon Perris, Jamie Jackson, James Blackburn, Matthew Trudgill, and Calum Bacon took 30 points - the highest score for this Round. 

Close and the Eyes Have It! - Photo Courtesy of Colin PerrisWell done to Jon Perris for qualifying for the Finals of the Simon Stone Privateer's Cup, and see below for the continuing battle between James and Jon in the Rider's Table! 

New Rider - Calum Bacon excelled today taking a 1st in Race 5.

Well done to Mathew Trudgill who is holding joint 6th place in the Rider's Table.


The Finals to be held on Thursday 30 October 2008 - The Westcotec Series 10am-5pm.

Rider's Points Table: With only 1 more Round to go - Its neck a neck between James Blackburn and Jon Perris - with only 1 point separating them.

Dan Cusdin has retained his 3rd placing. 

Ricky Norman's no show saw him lose his 4th place to Carl Brooks. Ricky is now holding joint 5th with Nathan Bloodworth.

Joint 6th place is held by brothers Jack and Cameron Wilson and also contested by Mathew Trudgill .

Round 7 on 18 September will be very exciting racing me thinks!!

MANY THANKS (in no particular order) to Dave Cusdin, Colin, Debbie, and Steve Perris, Nik Samson, and Paul Smith for smoothly running a very busy session with an absent Co-ordinator!

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