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MOTO - KL 2008 - Racing Round Three    

Round Three (29 May 08) Of The 2008 Mhb Services League

Dusty Devils - Are still holding the lead in Round Three, rising from 2nd place in Round One, up into 1st place in Round Two. Team Captain, Jon Perris took a 1st and 2nd, scaling up his performance from Round Two (must be that new lid Jon!) James Blackburn continued his high scoring standard with a 1st. But both James and Matthew Trudgill lost out on their remaining two races as wet weather made the track too dangerous to run the final two races.

MHB Services - are fighting back! Leading in Round One, dropping to 3rd place in Round Two, Carl Brooks single handedly brought his team back up to second place.

MAG Energy - have dropped from their second place in Round Two to third place in Round Three - with Team MHB Services pipping them by just one point. Jack and Cameron Wilson were joined for this round by team captain Kane Beatson.

MAG Sport J's - have consistently remained 4th in all three rounds. The team has suffered several rider changes, but team captain James Moss, Dan Cusdin, and Brads Eade interacted well as a team today. Dan Cusdin has been steadily increasing his placings over the Rounds, and took a 2nd today.

Fire Tyres - are rising a place a round! From a no show in Round One, to fifth place in Round Two, to now sitting joint fourth in Round Three. Nathan Bloodworth was joined by team mate Alex Tuck and between them gained the second highest points score of Round Three.

Westcotec - joined Round Three with a new line up. Reece and Lee Langley, and Ricky Norman have transferred from the Novice League. Ricky Norman took a 2nd in Race 1, and 1st place in Race 4. Reece and Lee were unlucky today losing out with Race 5 & 6 being rained off, and were unhappy with their bike (despite Ricky taking a 1st on it). The new Rider line up for Westcotec proved a success today being the 3rd highest scoring team in this Round with 14 points.

Many thanks go out to our Instructor Dave Cusdin, who amazingly multi tasked, and kept the bikes going against all odds today, ably assisted by Daniel Horspole who is a dab hand at instantly repairing pull starts!

Once again the Perris family actioned all areas - what would we do without them!

Many thanks to our Instructor Paul Smith who was a star by finding one of our rider's glasses that have been missing for weeks!

Spookily, this session, we ended up with a pair of sunglasses and no owner this time !

Thanks to the James Blackburn of Dusty Devils (who worked out a rider's points system) we now have a Rider's Points Table so riders can track how they are doing on a personal riding basis. 

Well done James !

Photos courtesy of Colin Perris

Ricky Norman (new into this league)

Looking Down

Ricky Norman (new into this league)

Looking Down



Three Abreast


Three Abreast




 uh oh - is that rain ?

  it was, and Race 5 had to be abandoned

uh oh - is that rain ?

it was, and Race 5 had to be abandoned





Lots More Pictures on the MOTO - KL website go to - Tracktime


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