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M.P.S Husqvarna 2008 - Monmouth - May        

The highs and lows of enduro racing !

The whole team travelled to Monmouth for the 2nd round of the GBXC round with expectations high the first race was the over 40s which included Mark Houson and myself both of us got a good start with Mark out front and me in about 8th but halfway round the 7 mile lap I got tangled up with another rider on a slippery hill and dropped to about last place.

Undeterred I just kept going as we still had nearly 2 hours of riding to go as we neared the end of the race Mark had pulled out a good lead and I was up to mid pack then on the last lap disaster struck there was a bottleneck were riders were struggling to cross a stream and negotiate a slippery hill not wanting to loose his lead Mark decided to cross the stream in a different place unfortunately it was about 1.5 metres deep and his bike stopped he managed to finish the race in 20th place 1 place behind me !

Next was the main race with Si , Daryl and Gav they had stiff opposition with multiple world champion and probably the best of road rider in the shape of world David Knight making one of his rare UK appearances .

The flag dropped Gav and Daryl made good starts but Si was left on the line with a split fuel hose but worse was to come as Gav crashed on the second corner and broke his femur.

For safety reasons and to get Gav safely of the track the race was stopped, this gave Leo and I time to repair Si's bike in time for the re start and for those of you who don't know the results I wont spoil the race but we had 2 good results and the race should be well worth watching .

Gav is now back at home after having had his femur pinned and is in good spirits and can't wait to get back on his. Husky

The Awesome GBXC rd 2 that was held at MONMOUTH on the 4th May will be transmitted on SKY SPORTS on the following dates below.

19th may 22.00 sky sports 2
19th may 02.00 sky sports Xtra
20th may 12.00 sky sports Xtra
20th may 15.00 sky sports Xtra
20th may 19.00 sky sports Xtra
20th may 02.00 sky sports Xtra

These programmes will go direct to 9 million homes in the UK and Eire alone...

If that is not raising the profile of XC racing in the UK then nothing will….

Many thanks for your support

Mick Seward



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