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M.P.S Husqvarna 2008 - Rogershill Raceway - May        

Wakely wanted the win on Wednesday - Rogershill Raceway Wednesday Evening Series

Report: Lee Davey

It seems I'm not the only one who likes to break-up a working week with a Wednesday evening Enduro.

Just two years ago the Southern Counties Enduro Club held their very first evening event which attracted 66 riders, but the 2008 evening series opener was full to bursting with over 150! Plus, it had an impressive line-up.

The MPS Husqvarna team was represented by Si Wakely and Daryl Bolter plus Paul and Derek Edmondson promised be on hand to make sure the MPS team didn't have it all their own way.

Unfortunately Paul Edmondson had a couple of last minute glitches which meant that he was unable to attend leaving Derek to try and spoil the Husqvarna party alone.

The theme for this seasons evening races is one of change. Each round will feature a new course layout and having ridden at the Rogershill venue many times myself, it was the first time I'd ever seen so many choices of easy and hard routes - five on a six mile course with a host of new obstacles.

With two Motocross tracks at their disposal these obviously play a strong part, but the rest of the course featured small-scale sand dunes, mini-bike whoops, river crossings either by bridge or by air and an almost sheer 12ft (ish) drop which was immediately followed by a tight turn, a spot of log up 'n' over before climbing back up into the trees.

Now, I've never seen a club event section cause such a stir; there was a constant line of riders walking this particular section and drawing a builder-esque breath whenever the drop was mentioned. With this being one of the easy/hard routes an alternative route was available, but the drop would save 20 seconds or so. Picking your bike back up could cost much more time than that though…..

The Championship class proved to be a 1-2 for the MPS Husqvarna team. Derek Edmondson was hampered by a late arrival which effectively ruled him out from the very start which left Wakely and Bolter (pictured right) to fly the MPS flag with Mark Cornick (left) sandwiching himself in between the team-mates during the early stages.

The win was eventually taken by Si Wakely, so who better to tell the story. "The race started well for me with a third place around the first corner and then pushing my way into the lead past Daryl and Mark, but a small crash put me back down into 3rd before passing Mark for 2nd.

At the end of the first lap Daryl made a small mistake giving me the lead until the second lap when it was my turn to make a mistake! We continued to swap positions for the first half of the 2 hour race until we both stopped for fuel.

After this Daryl had approximately a 40 second lead, so I pushed as hard as I could, trying not to make any more time-consuming mistakes.

I was told by my head mechanic (Dad!) that I was catching Daryl so I got my head down and eventually caught him up.

He then crashed with just two and a half laps left, leaving me with a small lead. Dust was becoming an issue, so I knew that a couple of smooth, fast laps would make a return pass difficult for Daryl and I eventually finished with just a 7 second lead over him.

I would just like to thank my team, MPS Husky Sport Husqvarna, my Mum, Dad, Sis, Grandad, the SCEC team and everyone that was watching who helped to make this event exciting to ride!"


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