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Keeping an Eye Out 

  • Keeping Riders’ Free from Electronic Speed Controls.
  • Riders’ Choice for Daytime Headlights Use.
  • Fear factor Beating Bike Theft.
  • Protecting the Building of “Specials” Custom Bikes and Trikes.
  • No Front Number Plates for Bikes.
  • Mobile Phone Menace.
  • Motorcycle Friendly Crash Barriers.
  • Lobbying on European and Global Issues.
  • Riders Voice to Government.



MAG's Top Ten 

  • We put the brakes on the proposed 100 bhp limit.
  • We killed proposals for so called "leg protectors"
  • We launched the Biker Friendly Cities campaign to get bikes into bus lanes.
  • We got bikes exempted from congestion charging in London.
  • We defeated proposals for continuous taxation saving bikers a fortune.
  • We are getting secure parking installed nation - wide.
  • We offer up to a 1000 reward to catch bike thieves who steal MAG members bikes.
  • We got the automatic one-year learner ban repealed.
  • We beat European anti-tampering proposals that would have banned home tuning.
  • We forced the government to agree to consult bikers through the creation of the Government Advisory Group on Motorcycling.



Bus Lanes 

  • MAG campaigning at both national level and via our local groups has led to bus lanes being opened to motorcycles in several towns already.
  • Several towns and cities now have bus lane trials.
  • MAG will continue until all local authorities permit motorcycles in bus lanes.



“The Road” Magazine 

  • MAG's bi-monthly magazine The Road is delivered direct to the door of every MAG member.
  • The Road will keep you abreast of current events in the motorcycling world, happenings within MAG and the issues we face.
  • Packed with news you’re sure to find The Road a terrific read!
  • The Road Here


    MAG are pushing and winning for biking to be viewed as a preferred transport option with free use of tolled crossings and Road Pricing Schemes - Dartford crossing is free for bikes following MAG’s stunts and negotiations.



    Bike Theft 

  • MAG is hitting back by campaigning for on street security installations.
  • Thousands of bikes a year are recorded as stolen in the UK driving insurance rates through the roof.
  • All MAG members’ bikes are covered by a reward scheme.
  • MAG members can also get discounts on Security products.
  • See Benefit Page Here



Member Benefits 

    A Network of local group meetings throughout the UK

    Events - MAG offer a huge year-round programme of rallies, shows and parties. Our events are the friendliest around, as well as being great value for money. Most offer some form of discount or additional benefit to MAG members.

    DISCOUNTS - Recover your annual subscription many times over by using motorcycle dealers, ferry companies and other businesses who give MAG discount. Check out our website for details.

    Benevolent Fund - MAG’s benevolent fund makes cash payments to the families of members suffering death by accident.

    INSURANCE - through our preferred insurance provider Bikesure

    MAG UK/European Breakdown Cover

    More information on all Here

exempt logo
  1. MAG overcame Ken Livingstone’s reservations to back exemption from congestion charging for motorcycles in London.
  2. Now other Cities are considering congestion charging and road pricing to include motorcycles.
  3. MAG is campaigning for recognition that motorcycles offer a solution to the problem of congestion.
  4. Bikes go free in London




  1. Philip Bradbourn UK MEP at FEMAs MEP Ride in Brussels tries a bike for size.
  2. Bradbourn “championed” MAGs fight against the EU Driving Licence Directive in 2006.
  3. MEP Roger Barton described MAG as the most effective lobby group in Europe.

Do you want the Government for a backseat driver? 

  • Speed control technology is reality now and is being trialled on cars. Research on motorcycling applications is proceeding.
  • MAG recognises the benefits of Intelligent Transport Systems generally BUT we will not surrender control of our motorcycles.
  • Objections based on technical shortcomings will be overcome by technology.
  • Only the firmly expressed will of the voting public can keep the nightmare of absolute control from becoming reality.
  • Our aim is to ensure that the only hand on the throttle is yours.
  • MAG's position is that simple. However foolproof this technology may become, we simply oppose any and all measures that remove control from the rider.




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